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Working Group 2: Crop Pest & Diseases and Plant Model


The tasks of WG2 are namely the following:

  1. to study ability of C&P&D models to fit a domain (landscape, region or country)
  2. to check off components of models and their resilience to upscaling
  3. to check their ability to receive regionalised weather data
  4. to perform validation study of C&P&D models (test and check their ability to predict and forecast (short- and long-term outputs)

In detail, WG2 activities mainly regard:

  1. models of grape disease focusig primarily on Powdery mildew (Oidium sp.) and Downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola),
  2. models of apple disease focusig primarily on Apple scab and Powdery mildew,
  3. irrigation modelling.

For each of these subjects:

  1. potentially suitable operational models are selected (proposed forms for model inventory can be used).
  2. accuracy and resolution in space and time of data inputs of selected models/applications are identified and approximate information are directly provided to WG1
  3. members of each group make contacts with each other and choose one or two the most appropriate models and provide precise
  4. information to WG1 regarding accuracy and resolution in space and time of data inputs/output of selected models/applications together with specific "local" information from the users necessary to run models/applications successfully
  5. the chosen models (max 2 models) are distributed among the members
  6. evaluation (site testing if possible) of the same models are made, results need are compared, all resulting in improving of the models and in establishment of recommendations for the end users

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