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Working Group 1: Availability and Quality of Input Weather Data


The global objective of the WG1 is the identification of meteorological data requirements for agrometeorological models and the analysis of the availability of these data, at a scale of time and space useful for the inputs in the models. Some operational models will be considered, in particular for pest and diseases and irrigation, for that specific models the requirements in terms of meteorological variables and spatial and time resolution needed will be provided by WG2.
That general objective includes  the investigation of the following topics:

  1. Requirements and availability of climatological and meteorological data (in real time and from past records) useful as model inputs. On one hand, the different sources of information will be explored, namely:
    1. Data from Automatic Network Stations. Emphasis will be initially put on quality data (Network density, calibration,...etc).
    2. Data from Manual Synoptic  Stations.
    3. Remote sensing information (weather radar and satellite imagery). This topic fits in the scope of the Remote Sensing Subgroup WG1.1. Emphasis will be put on the utilisation of  Remote Sensing to estimate/spatialize weather data, in particular for rainfall and energy budget.
    4. Gridded data from numerical atmospheric models. (including short-term forecasts from high resolution atmospheric models).
    5. Data from weather generators. Comparative analysis of the different approaches.
    On the other hand, concerning data availability, an inventory of meteorological sources of information in the Web useful for agrometeorological purposes will be made as starting action. It will be also considered the realisation of a survey of needs for supporting environmental data and ancillary information.
  2. Interpolation methods. Related with this topic the tasks already done by the former COST 79 Action will be considered as a basis for further development. In particular, the realisation of an intercomparison study of different spatialisation techniques for a set of 'pilot areas' is foreseen (for selected variables and predefined temporal/spatial scales). Different landscapes, ranging from flat areas to complex topography regions, will be covered as testing zones to do this intercomparison. The production of an 'Handbook of interpolation methods' will also be considered.

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