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Rules of Procedure

for the Management Committee
of the Action COST 718
"Meteorological Applications for Agriculture"

Article 1

The Management Committee for COST Action 718 (hereinafter the 'MC') has been set up in accordance with the provision of Chapter 8 in the document COST/400/94 'Rules and Procedures for Implementing COST Actions' (hereinafter the 'R & P'). The MC shall consist of no more than two representatives for each Signatory and no more than one representative for each non-COST institution admitted to participate in the Action (hereinafter the 'members of the MC').

The members of the MC shall be appointed for the duration of the Action. The Secretariat of the MC (hereinafter the 'Secretariat') shall be notified of any amendments to such appointments.

Article 2

The main responsibilities of the MC are defined in particular in Chapter 8 of the R & P with some additional provisions in Chapters 9, 10 and 11.

Article 3

Each Signatory shall have one vote in the MC. If a member representing a Signatory is unable to attend, this power is delegated to an officially appointed deputy. Members representing non-COST institutions have the right to express their views but not to vote.

Article 4

The members of the MC may appoint experts or advisors to accompany them. Attendance at the meeting shall be strictly limited to members and their appointed experts or advisors as well as to specialists invited in connection with specific items on the Agenda.

The names of the experts, advisors or specialists shall be communicated to the Secretariat before each meeting.

Subject to the approval of the MC, any member may also invite representatives of international organisations or experts from non-signatory States to participate as observers in some of its activities in accordance with requirements.

Article 5

The MC may decide that some of its discussions or certain Minutes of meetings and other documents be considered confidential. Documents are not considered confidential unless this is clearly stated on the front page.

The information supplied by the members of the MC shall not be published without their agreement.

Article 6

If in the course of this Action results are obtained or expected, which could give rise to intellectual (industrial or non industrial) property rights, the MC shall take the necessary steps, be it by written agreement among the participants or otherwise, in order to protect these rights, with respect to the principles set out in the brochure 'Industrial property rights in the context of COST' and in Chapter 11 of the R & P.

Article 7

The MC shall appoint from among its members representing Signatories, by a simple majority vote, a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson for one year. The appointment of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson shall be renewable.

If the Chairperson is unable to attend, his/her place shall be taken by the Vice-Chairperson.

In the event of the premature termination of the appointment of the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson, they shall be replaced for the remainder of the term of office in question, again by a simple majority vote.

Article 8

Meetings of the MC shall be officially held only if at least two-thirds of the Signatories are represented.

The decisions of the MC shall be taken by a simple majority of the Signatories present and voting. If appropriate, a secret ballot may be carried out and the votes shall be counted by the Secretariat. In the event of a tie, the procedure may be repeated.

Article 9

The MC shall be convened by the Chairperson as often as required for the performance of its tasks, at least twice a year.

It may also be convened at the request of members representing at least three Signatories.

Article 10

The Secretariat of the MC shall be provided by the Commission of the European Communities, according to Chapter 8, paragraph 5 of the R & P.

Article 11

Correspondence shall be dealt with by the Secretariat which shall be responsible for all contact with the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and members of the MC.

The Secretariat will receive copies of all correspondence.

Documents to be distributed by the Secretariat at the meetings should be sent at least three weeks before, for their duplication. For last minute documents to be distributed during meeting sessions, a sufficient number of copies should be brought, in order to avoid duplication on the spot. Whenever possible, documents should be duplicated and mailed by the authors directly to the participants and the Secretariat.

The Secretariat will maintain master copies of all documents.

Article 12

Meetings shall be held where the MC considers it advisable to meet at the invitation of an institution in a signatory State. The Services of the Commission of the European Communities shall, however, only undertake the organisation of the meetings held in Brussels.

The cost of organisation of meetings elsewhere shall be borne by the host country.

Article 13

The working language of the MC is English. Documents from the Secretariat will be issued in that language.

Article 14

The travelling expenses incurred by and allowances due to a maximum of two members and for a maximum of three meetings per year of the MC will be borne by the COST budget of the Commission for representatives of a Signatory eligible for reimbursement. The travelling expenses for other members of the MC shall be borne by their respective government or institution.

Article 15

These rules of procedure may be amended by the MC following a valid vote as long as the changes do not contravene the rules of the Commission or the R & P or adversely affect the functioning of the Action. Proposals for the amendment of these rules shall be circulated one month prior to their discussion to the members of the MC and to the Commission COST Secretariat.

COST 718 Meteorological Applications for Agriculture