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Working Group 3: Dissemination of Information to the End User


The objectives of the Working group 3 defined by the MoU of COST 718 are the following:

  1. To identify with a selection of current and future end-users needs with respect to selected applications and or models,
  2. Usefulness and delivery of agrometeorological information to those who can make best use of it in planning operations,
  3. To encourage  exploitation of advances in technology transfer and visualisation techniques.
  4. Harmonise model applications where possible.

The specific tasks of WG 3 are:

  1. To find out the state of current dissemination of agrometeorological data and products (see the questionnaire)
  2. To find out the requests of various end users for agrometeorological data and products
  3. To prepare the answers to these requests
  4. To develop new methods how to present and disseminate agrometeorological data and products in a user friendly way on new telecommunication systems.

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